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Steel Pipes Suitable for Different Classification Societies

Our steel pipe products are suitable for the shipbuilding industry and can provide professional qualification certification according to different needs.

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The shipbuilding market is becoming increasingly competitive with many companies vying to produce the large volumes of shipbuilding pipes required. However, it is not quantity that matters, but quality. Due to the environment in which the pipeline is used, the pipeline is required to have high corrosion resistance. Therefore, high-quality, long-life tubing is specified.

As the demand for larger ships increases, so does the need for better, stronger materials. As a result of this increased demand, so has steel for shipbuilding. Shipbuilding steel is a material that provides high-quality steel plates with the ability and durability to handle rough seas and salty seas. Just like steel is made according to the requirements of different industries, steel for shipbuilding is made according to nautical standards. Steel used in shipbuilding should be of appropriate thickness to meet the requirements of each vessel. It should also have the strength to handle strong waves and currents. Shipbuilding steel is not only extremely durable, but also flexible. This also allows manufacturers to offer boats with a variety of curves and angles, ensuring optimum performance from individual boats.


Supported Classification Societies

ABS American Bureau of Shipping
DNVGL Det Norske Veritas
KR Korean Register of Shipping
LR Lloyd's Register
BV Bureau Veritas
CCS China Classification Society
RS Russian Register of Shipping
RINA Italian Register of Shipping


1. The product is of high quality and durable;

2. There are different product thicknesses;

3. The steel pipe has high corrosion resistance;

4. Product quality is guaranteed;

Steel Pipes Suitable for Different Classification Societies3
Steel Pipes Suitable for Different Classification Societies0

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